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What’s on your Christmas wishlist? You can check our ours below!

We want to  support to as many people as possible this Christmas. In our hostels many of our residents are separated from family and Christmas can just be like any other day. In our Food Stop, we are expecting to see more and more people come through the door as their budgets are squeezed as they try to provide for their families.

This winter we want to step into the gap and provide for people in need. We are asking for donations of food, toiletries, and gift items so everyone can put food on the table and have gifts under the tree.

Our Christmas Wishlist:

We appreciate every donation we receive but there are some things that we need more urgently than others. Click here to see our Christmas Wishlist.

This year we are not directly accepting donations of clothes. Instead, we are working with partners in the city that run regular clothing banks. If you would like to make a donation of clothing, please get in touch and we will let you know where you can give them. Every donation will still be helping vulnerable people in the city.

What Do We Do With Your Donations?

A lot of people ask us about the best way to donate and what we do with donations.

For health and safety reasons, we have to check every donation that comes in. We’ve put together a handy poster to explain our process to you.

If you’ve got any questions, ideas or would like copies of any of our publicity then please contact James on 0116 2211 851 or by dropping an email to

Ready to Donate?

To arrange a drop off please contact Tim on 07751 732 434 or James on 0116 2211 851

Want to help turn what you donate into a gift or parcel? Then check out our Christmas volunteering roles!